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Why I Joined the Free Call to Action Copywriting Bootcamp and You Should Too

Have you  ever read something or watched a video and thought that’s  exactly what I need? That’s what good copy is. And even though I know Ramit’s copy is great (it’s sold me more than once after all), I put off signing up for his free (yes, FREE) Call to Action Copywriting Bootcamp.

Maybe these excuses sound familiar?

“I don’t have time for a bootcamp! I have a million things going on and I’m going to add another one to the list. How can I possibly have time?!” I don’t have a couple of hours to spend on something that can 2x my business? Who am I kidding?
“Why do I even need to spend time improving my copywriting? Shouldn’t my content speak for itself?” Why should I force my readers to do the work? If I have something that will help them, isn’t it my responsibility to make sure they know about it?
“It’s so intimidating. I’m never going to be as good at copywriting as a professional.” I don’t have to be an amazing writer to write copy that connects with my readers. Plus, how can I expect to get better if I don’t try?

So I put those excuses aside and signed up. I hope you’ll join me: http://www.thecalltoaction.com/challenges/call-to-action-copywriting-bootcamp/