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ACT & SAT Covid-19 Changes You Must Know

This has been an unprecedented year. We have all had to adjust to constant changes. This is especially true when it comes to school. For many of you school is looking very different this year. You are most likely in some sort of remote, hybrid, or homeschooling situation — not what you imagined this school year would be like. 

These changes extend to the other aspects of college, college applications, and upcoming ACT and SAT testing. Let’s go over what to expect and how to be prepared this testing season.

  • Dozens of colleges, including Harvard, have waived their requirement for standardized tests all together. This means you will want to check on each of the schools you are applying to and see if the requirements have changed. 
    • Expect to have to share examples of your work in lieu of test scores. This will look like a sample of writing, pieces of music or art, etc. 
    • Be prepared to ask for letters of recommendation from your teachers in your various subjects as an alternative measure to test scores. Be sure to give them plenty of time to write you a letter, as they may get overloaded as the deadlines approach.
  • Many students who were planning on taking the ACT or SAT last spring were met with a cancellation. The good news is you can register for testing again. Through October you should find weekly ACT dates and then one every other month following. There are upcoming dates for the SAT as well. Visit the College Board website to check for testing center availability and possible closures for your local area. 

If you are planning on completing the ACT and/or SAT this year I recommend getting registered and having a back-up plan as soon as possible. As we have all experienced this year, things can change rapidly, so be ready to pivot as needed to create your best application possible.

If you have any questions or are seeking personal support from me, feel free to contact me at jessica@impresstheivies.com.

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