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Get Organized for the 2021 Application Season – Part 2

In the last article, we discussed the first four steps you need to take to start getting organized for the 2021 application season. For a quick review that included setting up a Google drive, creating an application folder you can share with others, creating a spreadsheet for your schedule, and a document to hold essay questions. Hopefully, you’ve already taken action on those first four steps and are ready for the next four we will be discussing today.

There are a lot of moving parts in the college application and decision-making process, for every school. If you do not have the right organization then you will likely miss a deadline, not put your best foot forward, or cause yourself more stress. So let’s move forward with the next four steps to help you stay organized during the 2021 application season.

  1. Create a folder for college research.
    1. In Google Drive, create a folder and label it College Research. You will use this folder during the research phase. At that time you’re going to create a google doc in this folder for each of the schools you’re applying to. You can keep all the information you find on the school that you would want to incorporate into essays and interviews.
  2. Create one folder for interviews.
    1. In Google Drive, create a folder and label it Interview Prep Videos. This is where you can store and share the videos you make of your interview prep. It is really important to keep everything in one place so you don’t waste time looking around for things. 
  3. Create an action list.
    1. In Google Drive, you can create a document and label it Action List. This is where you can write down the items you need to complete each week. It is really great to share this with someone like a parent or coach to keep yourself accountable. Having someone keep you accountable will help keep you on the path to completing everything you set out for yourself. As you go through this effort, you’ll figure out what is a good amount of tasks to give yourself each week and how to break down each task into its smallest steps. 
  4. Create your accounts.
    1. Create a separate email address that everyone who is helping you can have access to. With that email address sign up for a Common App account and any other college search and application-related accounts.

Using the eight steps I have laid out for you in this article and the last article will set you up for success in this upcoming application season. Not missing a deadline, having quick and easy access to all of your materials, and being able to readily share your application details with those who are supporting you will drastically decrease stress and the chances of missing something important.

If you have any questions or are seeking personal support from me, feel free to contact me at jessica@impresstheivies.com.

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