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About Me


Hi parents and students. I’m so glad you found me! I’m Jessica Yeager, the founder of Impress the Ivies. Are you overwhelmed by the college application process? Are you afraid your child isn’t going to get into their top school even though they work so hard?


Imagine your kid opening up the mailbox and seeing that big, fat envelope from Harvard. See the smile spread across their face as they read “Congratulations.” How would that make you feel? How proud would you be? How would getting into Harvard or Stanford change your child’s life? The possibilities are so exciting — winning Olympic medals, appearing on national television, getting into top med, law, and business schools, to name a few. I know you’d do anything and everything in your power to help make that dream come true for your kid, but you’re not sure what to even do.  


The acceptance rates of top tier schools get lower and lower every year. Getting into college is a totally different ballgame than when you were applying. There’s so much conflicting information out there. It’s not good enough anymore to get great grades and test scores, your kid has to do more if they want to get into Harvard or Yale.


I know a lot of parents just want to rely exclusively on their kids’ high school counselors for everything college counseling. Your guidance counselor may be good or even great, but did they get into an Ivy in this century? How many kids are they counseling? Do you know what steps your freshman or sophomore should be doing to make sure their applications will be stellar by the time they’re seniors?


Your kid’s trying to do everything which leaves them overwhelmed and exhausted. You know you need to push your children to achieve their best, but you’re unsure about what they need to focus on. You drive them all over town and spend money on all their sports and clubs, but you keep asking yourself, Am I doing everything I can?


Don’t you want to take some of the guesswork and stress out of the college application process? If you knew your child was doing everything they could to present themselves in the best possible way and give them the best chances of getting into the their reach colleges, wouldn’t that put your mind at ease?


Learn how I got accepted to Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Cornell, and Columbia. 


I’m a recent graduate of Harvard and MIT with over ten years of tutoring experience. In 2003, I applied to Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Princeton, Washington University in St. Louis, and Northwestern. I got into every one except for Princeton. I started this blog to share my insights and secrets on how I did it and how your son or daughter can too.

Introducing Impress the Ivies


Impress the Ivies is your go-to guide to all things related to college applications. Sign up today to get my College Application Survival Kit, including my Ultimate Guide to the Common App. Imagine how you and your child will celebrate when they get into their choice of school.


Now I don’t want anyone to think that these secrets will do the work for you. Getting into a Harvard or MIT is a lot of work with or without my secrets. But if you and your child don’t like hard work, these top tier schools probably aren’t the best fit for them. I want to help you focus your and your child’s efforts on the things that really matter and will actually get them into these schools instead of just doing everything and hoping and praying they have a chance.


Get my College Application Survival Kit today! I look forward to hearing from you.


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  • can you provide more information about YOU? Which year did you graduate from Harvard with what degree and which year/degree from MIT?
    I’m looking for a consultant for my son who is a junior. Please let me know your fee schedule

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