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The #1 Mistakes Parents Make When Applying for Financial Aid from Four Top Financial Aid Experts

I’m so excited to have gotten the best insider tips from four amazing financial aid experts during the Dream College Summit. I asked each of the experts the top mistakes students and parents make when applying for financial aid. 

Joe Messinger

Joe Messinger CFP® of Capstone Wealth Partners, began his financial planning career in 2001. Through his work as CEO of Capstone College Partners Joe is on a mission to end the student loan crisis one family at a time.

Joe shared the top two mistakes students make are not getting started early enough and not doing your homework or seeking advice when you need it.


Debbie Schwartz

Debbie is the founder of Road2College, a former financial services executive who is dedicated to providing trustworthy information, education and an independent voice to help parents and students navigate the world of college admissions and financing.

Debbie’s top mistakes that students and parents make with financial aid are not doing enough research before applying and not filling out the FAFSA form.


John Hupalo

John Hupalo is nationally recognized expert in education loan finance and college planning. He is the founder of Invite Education, a mission-driven company dedicated to empowering families with the information, tools and services needed to make more informed college decisions.

The top mistakes students and parents make with the financial aspect of college applications are not having a plan and allowing the process to overwhelm you, and comparing your families to others.

Matt Carpenter

Matt is recognized as one of the nation’s leading authorities within the College Funding niche. Matt, and his team at College Funding Services (CFS) have successfully guided thousands of families through the college financial aid maze since the company’s inception in 2005.

Matt’s top mistakes parents make when it come to financial are not applying for financial aid and assuming a college won’t be affordable for your family.


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