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Get yourself ready for finals with a few simple techniques

The holidays are upon us and that means you’re going to be taking finals before you know it. The key to getting those sought after A’s is starting early. Try one of these techniques to give yourself an edge this semester.


Talk to Your Teacher


The biggest boon to your grades is extra credit. If you don’t ask for it, you’re not going to get it. So ask for it! Your teacher wants you to do well in class. Even if there’s no extra credit to be had, talk to your teacher about any topic that was confusing to you and ask for practice problems for those topics so you’re comfortable with them when they show up on th final.


Make Study Sheets Now


Start prepping your study and test taking materials now. For math and science classes, create formula cheat sheets to help you study. For language classes, create vocab and grammar note cards or cheat sheets. For English and history, generate timelines and summaries for the books and topics you went over during the semester. Use these few weeks now to prepare yourself for really successful finals.


Get Yourself in the Right Frame of Mind


Practice relaxing and calming down. Know that you can get an A in your class this semester. Get your habits and checklists together. If you are relaxed and prepared, this finals season will be a breeze instead of a stressful, hair pulling out nightmare.


One of my favorite ways to do this, is to write down three issues that might come up. Maybe you’re going to be overwhelmed and not be able to study for a particular subject. Maybe you’re worried you’re not going to be able to make up ground you lost in a class over the semester. Whatever the possible problems you could encounter in prepping for finals, write them down. Then come up with three solutions for those problems. Think you might get overwhelmed? Put together a checklist of exactly what you need to do to break the problem into tiny (not overwhelming) steps to get you through those tasks.


Action Steps

  1. Talk to your teacher on Monday about extra credit and confusing topics.
  2. Make one study sheet for each of your classes over this holiday weekend.
  3. Come up with three solutions to one problem you might encounter and write them down.
  4. Comment or email me with the solutions you come up with. I’d love to hear them!

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