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College Visits: Are They Worth It?

One of my readers asked me about college visits, and I wanted to share my take on college visits. I applied to ten colleges and only visited one of them before being accepted and that was only because I had gone to a summer program there and it was within driving distance. I know college visits can be expensive and time consuming, but there are a couple reasons to visit the colleges you’re interested in.

Demonstrate Interest


This is most important for top tier schools. College visits demonstrate to the colleges that you’re interested. These schools care a lot about their yield rates (number of accepted students who attend). By visiting the school, you show them that you are very likely to attend if accepted.


To make the most of your visit, research professors and sports coaches ahead of time and schedule meetings with them if you can. Definitely schedule a tour and an on campus interview if they are available.


Campus Experience


If you are someone who goes with the flow and can be happy in most situations, you may not need to visit every possible school. If you know if you prefer city to country and large to small, you don’t necessarily need to visit every school to see if you will like it.


On the other hand, if you are particular and your environment greatly affects your enjoyment and academic performance, you should seriously consider visiting the schools you want to apply to. Be sure to check out the dorms and classes.


Action Items:

  1. Leave a comment about any other reasons you want to visit a school.
  2. Start scheduling your visits today.
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