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5 Keys to Successful Interviews

These tips can be used for alumni interviews, on-campus interview, and even job interviews. Good luck!


The absolute best way to impress in interviews is to practice. Practice in front of the mirror. Practice with your friends. Practice with your parents. Practice with anyone and everyone! It’s especially helpful if you record yourself so you can see very clearly what you can work on.

2. Turn your phone OFF

Before you even walk through the door, turn your phone off. Better yet, leave it in your car. We all have a terrible habit of checking our phones over and over. Even though you think you can do it without being noticed, you CANNOT. Avoid the temptation all together by turning it off.

3. Parents, Stay Home!

Parental support is absolutely key to a successful college application experience. That support should not include accompanying your child into the interview. Interviewers want to get to know your child, not you. Resist the urge. Your children can impress their interviewers all by themselves.

4. Get there early

This is a super easy one. Don’t be late! That gives a terrible first impression. Trick yourself by adding the appointment to your calendar with a start time of 15 minutes before it actually starts.

5. Smile!

This may or may not come naturally to you. Check the recordings of your practice interviews. See if you come across as friendly and open (smiling) or standoffish and closed. Practice. Women have to be careful with this, so they don’t come across as ditzy. Smiles exude confidence in yourself and what you’re saying.

Action Steps:

  1. Start practicing your interviews today!
  2. Leave a comment about any interview techniques you like to use. I read them all.

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